This memorial website was created
in the memory of our loved one.

Welcome to Shraddhanjali
Pay Tribute / Homage to all the great souls which left the world.

Shraddhanjali Trust
(Non Profit Organization)

An initiative by Shraddhanjali Trust
Our Condolence & Deepest Sympathy towards the deceased and to help the souls to reach their destinations in eternal world. Final Journey of many great Souls to the Final Destination.

Here the Opportunity to Define, List such great souls who are our remembrances .

తెలుగు (Telugu) Website
You can list your beloved one's photos on the website, offer prayers to them. Let the world know, we still care & love them.

We never die for we never were born
We have been from the begining of time
Bestowed with love, by God's greatly grace
And in God, we live and have our being
Oliver Mbamara


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